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The app that gives you peace of mind by helping protect your child against inappropriate images on their mobile devices.



Easy, Secure, Private

Pair your Gallery Guardian app on your device with your child's using the special code provided after you've created an account.

Download Gallery Guardian from the App Store or Google Play Store on your and your child's device.

Immediately get notified when a suspicious image has been detected on your child's device.


Receive notifications when suspicious images are detected

Pair up to six iPhone or Android devices.

Set geo fences to receive alerts when your child arrives at a set location.

"Britain's schools hit by sexting epidemic involving children as young as 12"

The Independent

More than half of minors are sexting.​

3 out of 5 teenagers say they have been asked for sexual images or videos.

Sexts may be considered child pornography, but only 2% notified a parent or teacher.


Promoting A Healthy And Safe Use Of Mobile Devices

Gallery Guardian’s mission is to encourage a healthy dialogue between parents and their children about responsible social media usage.


Powered by an advanced image recognition algorithm, Gallery Guardian notifies parents whenever their children are creating or saving inappropriate images on their devices.

Unlike other activity monitoring and tracking apps, Gallery Guardian is built on trust and is the only app that gives parents peace of mind while respecting the privacy of children.



Do you represent a School, Government Agency or Police Department?

At Gallery Guardian we provide special partnership programs and work with you to help find the best way Gallery Guardian can be of assistance to your community and institution. 


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